En este momento estás viendo Lanzarote is strengthened at Salón Gourmets Madrid as a quality gastronomic landmark

Lanzarote is strengthened at Salón Gourmets Madrid as a quality gastronomic landmark

Lanzarote, through Saborea Lanzarote, has once again been present in this new edition of the International Fair of Quality Food and Beverages, Salón Gourmets Madrid 2024.

More than 40 brands, mainly composed of various dairies and wineries have once again positioned Lanzarote as a gastronomic reference at international level. And this fair has been the perfect opportunity to project the excellence and uniqueness of local products, as well as the dedication of the island’s producers.

The gastronomy of the volcanic island has managed to stand out again in the world gastronomic scene at this fair, which acts as a showcase for the projection of the island’s products. In this regard, the president of the Cabildo of Lanzarote, Oswaldo Betancort, congratulated and thanked the entrepreneurs who left their businesses, families and logistics, to attend this fair, where to make visible and position the product of the Lanzarote brand.

Marta Labanda, co-owner of Titerok-Akaet wineries, described their participation in this fair as an enriching experience, in which they are making known to all the people who have come the product that Lanzarote has: both at the level of wineries, such as dairies, brewing beers and growing potatoes.

Salón Gourmets Madrid is not only a meeting for the promotion of quality culinary culture, but also offered the opportunity to learn about the subject, with workshops, tastings and culinary demonstrations.

Lanzarote’s presence at this event has not only strengthened the island’s image as a quality gastronomic destination but has also contributed to the promotion of sustainability and respect for the environment in food production.

Undoubtedly, this participation has been a resounding success that has consolidated Lanzarote as a reference in the world of international gastronomy. The diversity of flavors, the passion of local producers and the commitment to excellence have been the fundamental pillars that have driven Lanzarote to stand out at Salón Gourmets Madrid 2024.

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